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1991 Yamaha Waverunner no spark.

I have just sold this 1991 Yamaha Waverunner LX 650. It's been fine ever since I have owned it, and the day I sold it the new owner took it for a spin while I watched and it started no problems and ran well.
The next day he called me to say he'd started it when he flushed the engine, then after that it wouldn't start. He's changed the plugs and that didn't help. He says when you first turn it over there is spark but it dies away to nothing. I'm at a loss to understand why it's been fine up until I decide to sell it! Can anyone help? I'd like to see him right on his purchase, but I can't afford to spend a heap on having it looked at.

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jetski jerry
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sounds like the ign. coil is geting weake. hard to say with out testing. ck it out good luck

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